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best compact cars

The list of the best compact cars on the market contains some of the most reliable, dependable, and easily drivable vehicles in the world. Some people enjoy the power that comes with driving a big car, but most of us understand the great benefits of choosing something a little smaller.

You may be thinking that compact cars are cheap plastic things that would fall apart with the slightest fender bender. But that’s just a myth. In truth, the best compact cars are safe, fuel efficient, easy to maneuver, and will last you a good long time.

If you’re on the lookout to buy a new car, do yourself, your wallet, and your environment a favor by choosing an appropriately sized vehicle. Sure, you may live a lifestyle that requires something bigger than a little sedan, but if you don’t, it may deserve some of your consideration.

Best Compact Cars: Pros and Cons

Just as you should do with every other major purchase in your life, you must weigh the pros and cons of each car you are thinking about potentially buying. Homework is essential—without the proper research, how could you ever know if the car you want to buy is really worth your time and money?

To give you a leg up on the job, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of choosing a compact car over a larger model. These factors are not specific to any single make or model, but are general observations of the category itself.


  • Control – It’s far easier to maneuver a compact car in tight places—like city streets—than a larger model.
  • Price – Compact cars are typically much more affordable than full-size cars, trucks, or SUVs.
  • Fuel Economy – Because they are smaller, compact vehicles guzzle less gas than larger models. This saves you thousands of dollars in the long run.


  • Safety – You can find some truly safe compact cars, but they still won’t ever be as tough in a crash as a truck or full-sized vehicle.
  • Versatility – Compact cars are small, so you won’t be able to store or move much with one. The cargo room is minimal.
  • All-Road Driving – Unless you live in a city, you may find it necessary to travel on dirt or gravel roads from time to time. Compact cars were not made for this kind of driving.

Continue the pros and cons list yourself, including factors that are specific to your own lifestyle. After a few more entries, you’ll begin to see whether or not a compact car is the right choice for you.

Best Compact Cars: The List

The best compact cars will have many more pros than cons. They will be safe, fuel efficient, not too expensive, and as versatile as they can possibly be. In other words, they will be the absolute greatest vehicles in their class.

So which models are considered the best compact cars in the world? Here’s a look at the winners in five different categories:

  • Best Compact Sport Car – Mazda3
  • Best Subcompact Car – Hyundai Accent
  • Best Compact Luxury Car – Volvo C70
  • Best Used Compact Car – Nissan Versa
  • Best Overall Compact Car – Ford Focus

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