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best second hand car

Finding the best second hand car for your needs is a great way to save money. Consider this: a brand new car loses nearly 20% of its value the very minute it’s driven off the lot. If you can get your hands on a new-looking used car in great condition instead, why would you ever waste that kind of money?

The truth is that today’s world is hard for the average man, woman, and family. Jobs are few, salaries are dropping, and retail prices for everything from computers to cars are skyrocketing. In other words, these are strange times—strange and tough.

You need to look for ways to cut corners on costs in your life. The more money you save, the brighter your future may be.

And one such way to lower unnecessary expenses is to look for the best second hand car for your budget.

Best Second Hand Auto: What to Look For

There are a million and one reasons to think about purchasing the best second hand automobile your budget will allow—and most of them begin with a dollar sign.

But there are also things to be wary of if you decide to go the second hand route. Before you drive that new-used car off the lot and into your garage, be sure you have read the following tips and tricks from the pros.

Read the Report Card

Before you even go looking at used cars in the lot, do a bit of homework. Pick up and read as many consumer reports as you can about cars. There are a number of organizations whose focus is directed on letting you know which used vehicles are the best value for your money.

Go Private

Dealerships may offer certain warranties or guarantees, but their prices are oftentimes much higher than they need to be. Consider buying from private sellers. These people tend to offer much better deals than the pros.

Get a Mechanic Opinion

Especially if you are thinking about buying a used car from a private seller, you need to have a mechanic take a look at it. Sometimes the seller will pay for the expense, and other times you just have to bite the bullet. But doing so will surely be less painful than the possibility of a malfunctioning alternator on the ride home.

Best Used Car: Top 5 Secondhand Autos

So you want to save some money and look for the best second hand car for your needs and budget—good for you!

But prepare yourself for an epic quest. There are more brands, styles, models, and editions of cars out there than you can ever hope to count in two lifetimes.

This is where your report card reading comes in—you can narrow the field down considerably by seeing which autos have been rated the best by Consumer Reports or other, similar organizations.

To give you a head start, here’s a look at five of the best second hand car models available today:

  • 2005 Honda Civic Sedan
  • 2005 Toyota RAV4
  • 2006 Toyota Camry
  • 2004 Hyundai Elantra
  • 2006 Chevy Tahoe

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